The B2C Podcast: Episode 0

Hacktoberfest Woes, Pair Programming, and More!

Posted by Hamish and Brandon on 28th Jul 2020

In this episode of The B2C Podcast, Hamish and Brandon talk about Hacktoberfest, contributing to open-source, and pair programming.

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Show Notes

00:18 - Hacktoberfest - contribute to open source, get a T-shirt!

03:30 - some open-source projects have steep barriers to entry, like learning curves

03:59 - Zeta Glest

05:32 - Gatsby - react.js CMS with a cool development team

12:20 - R.I.P. Hamish's Hacktoberfest shirt

17:08 - one way to reward open-source contributors: free paraphernalia

18:44 - Facebook PathPicker - command-line tool to help open files from long lists

21:10 - non-developers can contribute to open-source code too! (just be smart about it)

24:56 - recording programming for video, live-streaming programming

27:52 - Kent Dodds encourages new developers, teaches, and live-streams his programming

31:47 - pair programming is awesome (two heads are better than one!)

36:15 - programming alone vs programming with others

39:53 - tmux "terminal multiplexer" - run multiple terminals in one ssh connection or window (etc)

40:50 - Visual Studio Live Share - share your IDE remotely

41:33 - collabedit - online collaborative code editor

42:20 - etherpad - online collaborative text editor