The Hamish and Brandon Show - Episode 0

We love to geek out about technology and cool side projects, and thought you might like to listen in!

Posted by Hamish and Brandon on 30th Oct 2018

I've known my friend Hamish for many years, and we've had a common interest in technology and other such things. He was one of the first people to encourage me to get into programming in the first place, and he's been a mentor of sorts to me ever since.

Even though he has moved out West, and lives in Chilliwack, BC with his wife and kids, we've kept in touch. We've had semi-regular video chats where we catch up and talk about what's new. A couple weeks ago, he had the idea, "why don't we just record it?"

So... yeah.

We tried it out. We talked about things we found cool, and things that might be helpful. We were rather disorganized. We ended up talking for over two hours. As usual, we enjoyed our little chat. And you know what? There's a chance you might enjoy it too.

In the future, we'll cut it off at one hour, we'll be slightly more organized (only slightly), and we'll try to increase the quality of the sound.

If you do decide to take a peak, please let us know! And if you have comments and/or suggestions, please definitely let us know!

Watch it here:

Or listen to it here:

Or you can download the mp3.

Show Notes

16:30 - redux tutorial on by Dan Abramov

21:30 - Wes Bos makes web development tutorials

23:20 - gatsby.js, server-side javascript framework

34:57 - Gogs, self-hosted git repository management system

40:00 - Fathom Analytics - non-google website analytics

41:37 - Paul Jarvis, author of Company of one

57:20 - MDX, markdown in react components

1:03:34 - blessed.js, library for building awesome CLI programs

1:20:25 - Hacktoberfest

1:29:58 - Mozilla Thimble Editor

1:31:37 - CodeSandbox

1:48:20 - Yarn Workspaces and Lerna, for managing large monorepos

1:33:30 - CodePen

1:34:30 - xkcd comic about "real programmers"

2:00:06 - Hamish's speaking gig, Cowork Chilliwack: What Do You Do Wednesday?

2:02:53 - RescueTime, computer time tracking app

2:09:00 - Brandon's screen recorder, inspired by Nick Winter's Telepath (demo on YouTube)